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Dear leaders of companies and private customers!
We suggest you get rid of the past century lamp with destructive of environmental mercury.
Put into mass production of high-efficiency energy-saving LED lights lineup of “Triumph”. The range includes a base line of “Triumph” and special purpose line “LED Line”.


 Серия «Триумф-SQ/LDA" общего применения


Distinctive features of the model line “Triumph”:
- Innovative design “Self-ventilated enclosure” – a simple, tech in the production, is a very effective heat rejection has dramatically extended the life of light-emitting diodes;
ü- The optimal thermal conditions for all electronic components cardinally increased the term of their operation;
ü- Check out the product life – 10 years and over;
ü- High luminous efficiency of serial modifications and a great value for the price – quality distinguishes the “Triumph”;
ü- Payback depends on the power of the lights and its price (see below) and an average of 2 years;
ü- New original modern European design;
ü- Easy availability of replacement elements and easy of maintenance provided the repair without removing from support;
ü- The lack of polluting elements in savings by recycling;
ü- Wide range of facilities that can be used lamps “Triumph” – from the entrance of the house to the broadband highway;
ü- Manufacturer Warranty – 3 years. By a small surcharge extended to 5 years;
-  All solutions are patented.

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